Stretching Your Mind, Body, and Style With Michel Rose The C.B.G Way.

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Michel Rose, Sports Wear Blogger. Posing in his custom made track suit C.B.G

Earlier this week I sat down over the phone with Michel Rose, a young entrepreneur born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rose, a fitness coach, decided to start blogging his journey when he started a workout clothing line C.B.G. The blog is run by his two other friends Michel Turner and Lawrence Wood . The blog post about workouts, nutrition, and custom workout apparel. Speaking to him I got to witness behind the scenes of the gym life, the sweat blood and tears it takes, how passionate he is about achieving an affordable workout clothing line.

Living on the west coast, I got to experience an entire different stand point and scenery than my friends who live on the east coast.

“It was around 6 months ago I guess  I started blogging about fitness apparel and working out. I seen how expensive clothes were and I wanted something comfortable and stylish for myself and clients to workout in.”

The most interesting thing about his blog is that it’s connected to his Face Book account in which it allows more viewers to see it. It also, gives the viewers the opportunity to engage with him on Face Book Live, he stated he also gets to hear suggestions, and criticism first hand.

“I feel like the most challenging part about this blog is, uhm, maintaining updates about my apparel while still focusing on my craft.” I started C.B.C about 6 years ago, I started off as a coach at L.A

“The best advice I can give someone, about maintaining a successful blog is to give your supporters a platform to speak. Those who invest in your products are who help make the brand. So make them feel comfortable and have fast way to contact me. That shows great customer service.”






Sleek & Stylish Hairstyles By:Nelli

It’s so hard finding an affordable licensed hair stylist, that when you find one whose good you hold on to them. After seeing a Facebook share, I came across the hair page “Shear Perfections” and I took a look. The prices and hospitality definitely caught my attention so I decided to give them a call.

I spoke with a young lady but was a very versatile stylist by the name of Nelli I was very impressed. I traveled to her salon to get a look at what she does for a living. She said “Waking up everyday doing something you love isn’t just a job but a dream come true.”

Nelli started out styling hair at a very young age first practicing on her baby dolls at home. As she grew older her passion for hair grew and she started doing hair on her friends and family at home. Once she graduated high school she went on to become a student at Empire Beauty school to study Cosmetology from 2010-2011 at the age of 19 so young and ready to learn. After graduating and becoming a license hair stylist she is part owner of  “Shear Perfections.

Accomplishing her dreams at 25, Nelli decided to join the “Jolie School” to be a Cosmetology educator. After interviewing her I could feel her passion and how being an entrepreneur is her life. Anyone looking to get their hair done on a budget make an appointment at

Shear Perfections Salon 400 John F Kennedy Way Willingboro NJ 08046 (609) 251-9098

Sleek & Stylish By Nelli- Janell Polhill