Pictured on the left (Mar) with a member of Nofa$ade



I got to kick it with a couple of cool suburban kids a rap group by the name of “NOFA$ADE“. I was invited to spend the day in the studio with them laying tracks while interviewing their manager Martin (Mar). Martin is a music manager with seven artists, five are a group and two in which are solo artist. Vito, Fresh, and the group.

The boys were so energized, this was their first interview I loved the energy in the room coming from all sides.

So tell me how did you get into the business of a music manager,

“I kind of fell into it, it started out with my best friend Vito he was a rapper. I didn’t want to be that friend that just hung around and didn’t do anything

Who in the business do you idolize,

Kayne West, his creativity, he’s a creative genus in my eyes and I would probably have to say Dame Dash. His passion just how he fought for everything. He was a manager and ran Roca fella Records. He was such a passionate person he was passionate about his tea, team first mentality. I would say those two creatively and their passion is what motivated me.

So besides the whole music thing what else do you get into?


I have a clothing line En(trap)reneur, we sell clothing apparel, hats, women’s under wear on an online website http://www.entrapreneur.bigcartel.com also Entrapreneur__ on instagram.

{Trap Girl}








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Fashion On The Streets From The Run Way ,behind the scenes of the music, and hair industry. Snatched By Snook is high fashion without the high price tags. My plan for this blog is give readers that boost of confidence on a budget and I plan to sit and talk to the master minds, of up and coming entrepreneurs.

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