FareWell But Not For Forever

As the semester comes to an end, I ponder on what direction I want to take my blog in. As I sit back and reflect on the past few months I’ve realized that I’ve learned the most this last month. The more designers I spent time with, made me very eager to want more. Seeing my ideas come together on video, I got to capture special moments for my audience. This isn’t a goodbye, but more so a “see you later” for “SnatchedBySnook.” I want to expand my blog and I have an offer to write for a website based in Atlanta,Ga for the fashion section. I see great things for the new year and I will keep all my readers updated! As I stated in my previous blog, I will be focusing on Essence Douglas’s journey. Being a lash tech is a great investment for someone who’s into beauty and having a fun exciting career. I want to see her trials and tribulations as she goes through her new journey putting her business skills into play. I will update frequently for readers, prices, locations, new styles, and where local training will be.

Walking On Stiletto Avenue With Yakerra Shearin

Let’s Get Lashed By Essence Douglas, owner of Eye’s By Essence

Winter Fashion Now With Dee Whit

Stretching Your Mind, Body, and Style With Michel Rose The C.B.G Way.

Jeriah Askew Gets Down And Real With Her FiveNineTeenCollection Online Boutique


Author: snatchedbysnookblog

Fashion On The Streets From The Run Way ,behind the scenes of the music, and hair industry. Snatched By Snook is high fashion without the high price tags. My plan for this blog is give readers that boost of confidence on a budget and I plan to sit and talk to the master minds, of up and coming entrepreneurs.

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