Let’s Get Lashed By Essence Douglas, owner of Eye’s By Essence

Essence Douglas wearing Mink Lashes

Throughout this semester, I wanted to take my blog into a direction in which it would help me grow as a journalist and I could give viewers something meaningful. I decided to focus on local entrepreneurs who were just starting out in their craft. I wanted to capture the beginning while it was fresh in their hearts. It’s easy to google a name and find a biography but I wanted to get those insider answers.
For my final blog post, I interviewed Essence Douglas, a 26 year- old, LaSalle University student. She’s a business major with hopes of becoming a Lash Technician. After going back and forth for years trying to figure out her passion she changed her major from Education to Business. In the spring of 2016, she graduated with her associate’s degree in business at Gloucster County College. This was an exciting transition for Essence going to her top pick school (LaSalle).She didn’t want to just become a business manager but wanted to learn a new craft in a high competitive field. After much research on Instagram and Google she started to lean towards a Lash Technician.
While talking to Essence she told me how she enjoys wearing eye lashes and how the enhance her eyes so much. This is something she’s already good at so why not master it and get paid to do it.
To become a technician one has to take a course in which ranges from two – four days starting at 1,000 and up. You will learn how to apply semi- permanent lashes that are extended from the natural lash. They vary from very natural to very dramatic looking depending on customers request.

What to expect – They are made to mimic the real lashes, they are applied one by one to the natural lash by a certified technician. The process is up to three hours for the very first installment. During the procedure the customer gets to lay back and be pampered with their one custom eye lash look. There are over 600 different styles too choose from whether it’s the length, style, thickness, and even color there is something for every ones style.

The process – prior to start the tech will conduct a full consultation with the customer to help get ideas on their style. The stylist will also, important questions about health and lifestyles to see what’s right for you.
What are the benefits of lashes – Most women want full long natural lashes that will look fuller and enhance the eye. Lash extensions can make the face appear younger, brighter eye, and hides dark circles. But, most importantly it decreases the amount of time applying lashes every day.

I felt like this fit into my blog because I’m allowing viewers to witness the business from a person step by step process. I want readers to learn and take skills from what I post.

Eye Lash Technician Training – Nova Lash Next Class June 12, 2017 Philadelphia

Course starting at 1,000 includes certificate, training, full kit.

Lash Techs can work in Nail salons, Beauty bars, Hair salons, and their own establishment with a certification.

Eye Lashes will last up to two three weeks then a refill at a discounted price will bring them back looking new and bold.

Esdoug@instagram.com Novalash.com Lasalle.edu