Pictured on the left (Mar) with a member of Nofa$ade



I got to kick it with a couple of cool suburban kids a rap group by the name of “NOFA$ADE“. I was invited to spend the day in the studio with them laying tracks while interviewing their manager Martin (Mar). Martin is a music manager with seven artists, five are a group and two in which are solo artist. Vito, Fresh, and the group.

The boys were so energized, this was their first interview I loved the energy in the room coming from all sides.

So tell me how did you get into the business of a music manager,

“I kind of fell into it, it started out with my best friend Vito he was a rapper. I didn’t want to be that friend that just hung around and didn’t do anything

Who in the business do you idolize,

Kayne West, his creativity, he’s a creative genus in my eyes and I would probably have to say Dame Dash. His passion just how he fought for everything. He was a manager and ran Roca fella Records. He was such a passionate person he was passionate about his tea, team first mentality. I would say those two creatively and their passion is what motivated me.

So besides the whole music thing what else do you get into?


I have a clothing line En(trap)reneur, we sell clothing apparel, hats, women’s under wear on an online website http://www.entrapreneur.bigcartel.com also Entrapreneur__ on instagram.

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